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Best gaming consoles to buy

Nintendo switch

If you are planning to buy a new gaming console either for yourself or as a gift there are number of choices as Nintendo came up with remarkable product switch Microsoft recently launched the Xbox one X and other many other gaming console

The Nintendo Switch combines the best of home and handheld gaming. The console itself is a tablet-like device with two detachable ‘joy-cons’, which can be used as separate controllers or attached to the side of the Switch or an adapter to form one big controller.

You can either play games on the Switch’s screen or connect it to your TV using a special dock for a more traditional home console experience.

One of the Switch’s main problems, however, is its lack of third party support. Due to the failure of the Wii U and the Switch’s inferior hardware, some publishers either release inferior versions of their games (see: FIFA) or skip the Switch altogether (see: Call of Duty: WWII). If FIFA and Call of Duty take up a lot of your game time, you might want to skip the Switch for now.

PS4 Pro / PS4

As the name suggests, this one is for gaming purists only. It’s worth the investment if you have the right entertainment set-up, but otherwise you might be better off buying a regular PS4 and spending the rest on games (you’d get quite a lot for the difference too).

The PS4 is the most popular console in the world for good reason: it boasts an extremely strong library of games (including some fantastic exclusives), it’s powerful and, crucially, it’s great value too.

Xbox One X

Microsoft claims the Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpio, is the most powerful console ever made.

The main benefit of all that power is immersive ‘true’ 4K gaming. Games supporting this feature include Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, Call of Duty: WWII, Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4. Unlike the PS4 Pro, you can also play 4K Blu-Rays too.

However, power comes at a price – a hefty £449.99, to be exact. Like the PS4 Pro, this is for hardcore gamers only.


Xbox One S


If 4K output isn’t that important to you, the Xbox One S is the ideal alternative. It’s a lot cheaper and shares the same games library as the Xbox One X, albeit without the super high res visuals. A 500GB retails for around £200 including a game, which isn’t too bad at all.

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